Referral Scheme

Receive £300 worth of any vouchers you would like, or the equivalent in cash if you prefer!


Here at Imperium Financial Recruitment, we are constantly matching candidates to the right roles across many different market sectors.

With that in my mind, we have set up a referral scheme worth £300 if you refer a friend or colleague who subsequently finds a new position via our agency.

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You pass on our details to a friend or colleague, and they get in touch and mention your name as the referrer. Alternatively, you can pass on a friend or colleague’s details to us to contact, and we will contact them and do the rest (they must have been notified about our call beforehand).

They enrol with our agency to find a new position, and we attempt to secure them the right opportunity.

The referral must start the new role and must stay in the role for a minimum of 3 months.

We will then pay you a £300 referral fee.

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