Tax Senior


£28,000 to £35,000

Chartered Accountants

Tax Senior

You will be responsible for a portfolio of mainly (but not exclusively) Personal Medical clients and will undertake their compliance tax affairs efficiently, profitably, in accordance with the firm’s tax manual and in compliance with statutory deadlines. You will also identify and summarise tax planning opportunities and advise the assignment partner/manager and client accordingly as well as keeping the partner/manager fully informed of the current status of the compliance work and of any problems or delays encountered. It is also essential that you respond to clients’ ad hoc queries and HMRC correspondence (including enquiries) as a matter of priority and to practice the principles of excellent service at all times. You will be expected to develop an advanced level of technical knowledge through working with partners and managers, appropriate reading and training courses. Where appropriate you may also be asked to assist with marketing activities and tax advisory projects as required.

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