Supervisory Case Manager

Sale, Manchester

£30,000 to £32,000


Supervisory Case Manager

Case Management

  • Assist in completion of tasks across all campaigns to ensure KPIs are adhered to
  • Manage a portfolio of clients from meeting of creditors through to closure
  • Liaise with clients, creditors and other third parties as necessary
  • Provide support to our outsourcing partners in relation to Supervisory functions as and when required
  • Ad hoc duties and projects as required

System Testing

  • Review and test functionality throughout the case management software to ensure performance is as expected
  • Identify areas of system improvement to enhance efficiency and provide feedback as appropriate
  • Perform regression testing of any new system functionality to be released
  • Assist in data cleanses and system migrations as and when necessary

Complaints Handling

  • Assist the complaints department in relation to complex complaint queries and escalations
  • Assist the Insolvency Practitioners with any regulatory complaints as required


  • A good understanding of all aspects of post appointment IVA and objection handling
  • Excellent organisation skills and able to prioritise and manage workload
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work in conjunction with other teams and provide support where necessary
  • Problem solving and analytical skills


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