Insolvency Cashier


£25,000 to £32,000


Insolvency Cashier

One of the UK’s growing Corporate Recovery Specialists is currently seeking an Insolvency Cashier to ensure all financial matters in respect of the group are maintained according to Insolvency Practitioners and Company standards. You will be skilled in a range of administration activities with an emphasis on financial routines and you will possess a proactive attitude with a keen eye for detail and numeric orientation. Being responsible for the day to day income and expenditure recording to the individual cases, the daily recording of all journal entries, daily banking, fortnightly bank reconciliations and the completion and submission of all VAT returns, forming a major part of this key placement within the organisation. Possessing excellent communication skills and having reached an advanced level of Microsoft Office, you will be encouraged and supported in your desired development activities with an opportunity for the post holder to comply with CPD requirements.

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