Our Principle

We respect the human rights of all those working for or with us, and of the people in the communities in which we operate. We will not exploit anyone, wherever in the world we are working. We will not do business with companies, organisations, or individuals that we believe are not working to comparable generally accepted human rights standards.

We Never

  • Use any form of child labour, modern slavery, servitude, or forced labour in our operating companies, nor to the best of our knowledge in our supply chain;
  • Tolerate excessive working hours being worked in any of our operating companies other than on an exceptional or emergency basis;
  • Work with other companies that we know or suspect are not respecting our human rights principles; or
  • Negotiate with or try to persuade our employees to adopt working terms or conditions that do not conform to Imperium Financial Recruitment’s human rights principles.

We Always

  • Make the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees and others a top priority;
  • Comply with national laws on wages and working conditions where we operate; and
  • Comply with the Human Rights Policy, the Modern Slavery Statement, and any Imperium Financial Recruitment policies covering the rights of those who work for or with us, or are otherwise affected by our actions.

I need more information Is there anybody I can talk to?

  • Your supervisor or manager