Our Principle

We are committed to recruiting and promoting our employees fairly and without any discrimination. We actively recognise diversity by building a culture of equal opportunity, mutual respect, and collaboration.

Fair employment policy: Imperium Financial Recruitment does not take any decisions and is not influenced by any factors that do not have a direct bearing on the ability of the individual to perform the job.

Workplace diversity: Means having an inclusive, respectful environment that accepts each individual’s differences, embraces their strengths, skills, abilities and attributes and provides opportunities for all employees to achieve their full potential.

Inclusion: Everyone has something unique to contribute and we believe that active inclusion promotes lateral and original thinking and is the best way to promote and leverage skills and talents and to achieve superior organisational performance.

We Never

  • Provide development opportunities or promote employees other than on merit and based on work performance and potential; or
  • Tolerate discrimination, bullying, or harassment in any form.

We Always

  • Hire the best available person for the role.
  • Give people opportunities on an equal basis.
  • Respect the employment laws in the countries where we operate and comply with any national or local regulations relating to positive discrimination.
  • Act and support others to maintain a work environment where all are respected, and which is free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying; and
  • Remain open and flexible to different needs and perspectives in the workplace.

I need more information Is there anybody I can talk to?

  • Your HR representative
  • Your supervisor or manager