Inspired Workplaces: How Your Business Can Stand Apart

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Nowhere else within your business does the heart of culture beat louder than in your office space. It is the space for collaboration in meetings and group tasks, allows for enhanced relationship building across the business and is key towards in-house training and development.

However, across the UK there are increasing numbers of professionals that are finding the office space to be uninspired and uninviting. A large percentage of that comes from post-pandemic work attitudes.

Hybrid workers and full-time office staff feel uninspired and not valued because of their office environment. What can your business do to avoid that detriment to happy office environments affecting your most valued and crucial employees?

How Will You Work?

Employee satisfaction and productivity goes hand in hand and has a monumental impact on numerous levels. As long as an employee can come into their space and have an environment that caters to their specific working needs – whether extroverted or introverted – it is a satisfactory starting point.

When you talk with potential candidates via a financial recruitment agency, where they will play an integral role in your business, take the time to talk about how they prefer doing their job. Some may want their own space to concentrate without distraction, whilst others may find that too secluded and prefer to share space.

Regardless of their answer, you need to be catering for both sides of the table and incorporating different working spaces for comfort. You may find that other employees will feel a shift in happiness in the office by changing to a spot with less distraction. When you conduct your next sit down with existing employees, ask them how they would prefer to work in the office and what can make them feel more at ease.

Enhancing Socialisation

The lockdown had forced feelings of isolation for many people, a state of affairs that affected many individuals’ mental health and sense of direction for the future. Ever since the working world has had to deal with nothing but uncertainty from the economy to the cost of living to the new forecast – AI taking over roles.

Body-language of employees tells you a lot about their fear levels for their jobs and well-being. Encouraging your teams to connect in social aspects around your office – from team support meetings to getting involved in activities – help them to feel a valued part of the business and reassured that they play a vital role in the group. You can showcase to any new potential candidates that you are a company that values the human element running your business and supports employees through development.

Attracting people to work within your office via a financial recruitment agency in Manchester is important, but making them feel like they belong there is the true blood of your business’s success. Contact the team at Imperium today to discuss financial recruitment in Manchester and working to bridge the gaps that make you an essential company to work for.

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