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If there is one hugely appealing plus to a crucial candidate during your recruitment process, it will be a commitment to their growth once they accept an offer of employment. One reason that many new hires end up leaving a company after many years is that they have no further advancement opportunities with the company.

That would be fine if filling a seat, but many essential financial hiring Manchester candidates have plans of where their success level should reach. Taking a different approach with your financial hires is crucial in 2023, and showcasing that the company supports individual growth with plans for their future can only grow your business further.

Fears of the Future

According to studies, 40% of staff members worry that their skills will become outdated as the landscape rapidly evolves. 49% of employees actively want to enhance their skills for future roles but have no support from their employers for growth.

For business leaders, focus on training for future areas should be an essential part of the offer, including developing critical soft skills. When new hires step into the company, they will be equipped with the technical talents required for the role. The key is offering development for upskilling and expanding knowledge that makes them feel they are growing alongside the company.

Goal Setting

All team members need help with critical skills that will help define a future with your company, with some areas an essential part of your hiring strategy.

People who visualise and document their professional goals are 20% more successful in achieving them. As an employer, you need to provide your crucial hires with clear insight into your business values and expectations from their work. That will help these employees monitor and measure their performances and deliver the right results.

During onboarding, hold meetings with these hires to help set short-term, long-term and development goals to show commitment to their growth throughout. Offering support and tips on improvement towards their career goals is something that grants a commitment from them to your company. You could even offer a team member mentor that can provide feedback on their performance and provide support and assistance in accomplishing goals.

Team Building

When you bring in a new hire, take the time to introduce them to their teammates, even going as far as giving them opportunities to bond through activities.

Giving each member of the team opportunities to provide insights or ideas into team meetings, encouraging proactive approaches and collaborative aspects makes new hires feel that their voice is as valuable as everyone else. Allow new hires to network as much as possible, even introducing them to other departments so they feel a better understanding of how their department is supported and supports others. That also helps these new hires to see potential in other areas of the business that they may want to grow into.

Appealing to ideal candidates is just as much about what you can offer them as it is about what they can provide for you. For more information on financial recruitment Manchester, contact the team at Imperium.

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