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As a business, you will feel the pinch of today’s labour market and the thin avenue of filling top vacancies. No sooner have you found a top candidate than they are being snapped up by the competition, leading to a knowledge of their worth that has them comfortable rejecting excellent offers that they feel can be bettered elsewhere.

The financial sector is a candidate-driven market where competition for hires is fierce to land the best person in a prime position. Whilst the competition is fierce, it can benefit from evaluating your interview and assessment processes into something that can reflect that fierceness.

Focus on the Role

Before the various stages of CVs, interviews and working with your recruitment company Manchester, focus on the role in particular. Why do you need to fill that role? – Is it because someone left? Is your company set to grow?

Take a moment to think about your current team, the skills gap that exists, where the pressures are and how you can relieve them. The point is to think about what you need to move forward and how to fill that hole before it even appears. A new hire is a huge step and commitment – and the possibility is that someone on your team may have the skills and ability to step up to the role, giving you a role a little further down the chain that may be easier to recruit for.

Look to Streamline

The hiring step needs to be fully established, leaving no room for stalling in your process. The shortage of candidates throughout the field means they can dictate which direction to go based on not being left waiting.

What you need to consider is that you are not the only party doing the accessing – the candidate is also accessing you. The benefit of taking several stages of interviews and multiple assessments is no more – your ideal candidate for top vacancies has several applications swirling around them with just one getting ready to land the best deal. That will not be you unless you eliminate the long process of making that offer.

Evaluate What Matters

Now is the time to reset your thinking in your hiring process. Discounting candidates on CV strength because they read like they don’t fit the bill on paper is risky in a candidate shortage market.

It calls for more flexibility with requirements and discounting unworthiness on CV strength – instead focusing on the culture fit. Working with your recruitment company Altrincham ensures that you are not the ones left waiting.

Contact our team today to evaluate your hiring process and begin getting the attention you want from ideal candidates.

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