Don’t Base Your Hiring Decision Purely on a CV

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When in the market to hire a top candidate for an important role for your company, you may fall into that demographic that scans through candidate CVs and dismisses them purely on missing a few keywords.

Many successful and burgeoning businesses make a crucial error when it comes to CV viewing – and that is realising that it is simply a marketing document. Your hiring managers stand to gain a lot by viewing CVs differently – with the help of your financial recruitment company Altrincham.

How to View Your CV Pile

Somewhere in that vast pile of candidates is the right person for the job. You have undoubtedly seen every kind of CV and found everything wrong with them to put that application to the bottom of the pile without so much as a call to them.

Not only is that unfair to the candidate, but it is also unfair to you – as that person may have all the qualities your business benefits from. You may look upon a CV that reads well with perfect grammar that goes to the top of your pile. However, that CV could have been created by someone other than the candidate or an online tutorial to make it stand out. Conversely, a CV with grammar problems that are not simple to read may get tossed to the side. How often do you consider that the candidate may have a condition such as dyslexia – or simply has not had to compose a CV in a very long time?

Surely a high-ranking candidate with a lot of experience, yet with a CV with various spelling errors and mistakes in its formatting would not be disqualified? They have the experiences you require – even with spelling and grammar mistakes.

Picking Out The Best Candidate

When your recruiters or hiring managers are handed a batch of candidate CVs to deep-dive into, the deciding factors should not be judged on appearances. After all, some of the best geniuses who made millions had learned to read or write long after success.

The CV is the first point of contact and a brief overview of that person, the novel cover if you will – and nobody puts the entire story on the first page. After all, writing a CV is a tough task when you have a lot of experience in some of the positions you have held. An individual’s CV should therefore be viewed as an open door for conversation, not a damning document for being improperly structured.

For the team at Imperium, we work to ensure business owners get their perfect key hires from financial recruitment Manchester based not on a piece of paper but a wealth of knowledge and experience – helping the hiring team to pinpoint the very best person for the job, not the best read for the job.

Contact our team today to help you start attracting your next best hire.

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