Upgrading Your Technology And When To Do It

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With any business, it’s important to be keeping up with new innovations and that includes technology. Your business likely relies on technology in a big way, especially in these modern times. 

It’s hard to believe that we once operated on chunky desktops and connected to the internet via a dial-up connection. Alas, we’ve come a long way and for your business, it’s important to embrace the future and not get stuck in the past like Doc and Marty Mcfly.

If you’re considering a change within your IT infrastructure, when is the best time to do it? What should it involve? This brief guide will help you understand what changes you should make and when you should be making them.

Remote working

One of the main reasons you may be looking to upgrade your technology is due to the increase in remote working. According to a study, 70% of IT professionals said they found it challenging to adapt and support a remote workforce while keeping data safe.

A lot of businesses have adapted and changed to a different work environment, whether it be a mix of hybrid working or fully remote. Having the equipment available and networks set up to operate remotely is worth doing if your business would benefit from doing so.

Remote working is still a fairly new innovation that has likely landed on business laps a little sooner than intended due to the pandemic. 


The risk of data being compromised or stolen is a very real threat that many businesses are concerned about. As more businesses pop up online or operate more of their company in the digital world, the threat of cybercrime becomes more prominent. In fact, more than 80% of UK organisations experienced a successful cyber attack in 2021/2022.

Improving your security protocols within your IT info structure is important. From training staff on internet safety, password protection and other security tips like using two-factor authentication, all help keep your business secure from data theft. This is something you need to be doing now.

Replacing outdated hardware 

If your office computers groan audibly when they turn on, then chances are the hardware needs replacing. Don’t give your staff old equipment that’s no longer serving them well. If the hardware keeps crashing and takes forever to load, then this slows down productivity levels greatly within the business.

Not only that but you’re going to end up with frustrated employees who can’t get through their workload efficiently. Replace any outdated hardware as soon as you can afford to.

Cloud computing

If your business isn’t making use of cloud computing then you’re way behind. You have a severe case of what the younger generation calls it – FOMO (fear of missing out). If you’re a small business, then you should be utilising the benefits that cloud computing offer to you specifically.

There are lots of tools and software that now use cloud computing and when it comes to security, it’s safer to have your data in the cloud than stored on your office network. 

With technology being important to many businesses in today’s world, make sure to upgrade your own this year.

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