A recommendation is worth more than advertising!

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Advertising can only get you so far when you’re looking for new people to join your business or use your service. Advertising is usually impersonal, and doesn’t give you the same level of security in a job or position somewhere, or really faith in a company. In the past, trusting companies based on their advertisements has not always worked out for people, but word of mouth relies on people that you trust making recommendations for you!

Why Word Of Mouth Is Crucial

Word of mouth involves one person speaking in a positive manner to someone else that they know about a business or a service. This is usually in an encouraging manner, with the goal being to get them to use that business or service for their own needs. The fact that this comes from someone that you know and trust makes it more likely that the other party is going to take the advice, and reach out to that business. 

Did you know that word of mouth is actually responsible for more than five times more sales than paid advertisements? Did you also know that 90% of people are more likely to use a brand or company that was recommended by someone, even if that person was a stranger? These statistics alone prove the efficiency and usefulness of word of mouth marketing, and show you that it is more beneficial than using traditional paid advertisements. 

Word Of Mouth For Our Company

We love the fact that so many people who have used our recruitment services before speak to those that they know about their experiences with us. It helps us gain more candidates to place in various sectors across the market. We have found that our business thrives particularly well when people speak positively about the way that we handle ourselves here at Imperium Financial Recruitment, which is what made us realise just how important it can be to businesses. 

When using recruitment agencies specifically, it can be difficult to find one that has your best interests at heart, but that is exactly what we do! It’s for this reason that we encourage everyone who has worked with us to share their experiences with those that they love as we are confident that they will be nothing but overwhelmingly positive!

Referral Scheme

At Imperium Financial Recruitment, we offer a fantastic referral scheme, ensuring that if you give someone a recommendation and refer them to our business, you are in with a chance to win £300 in either vouchers or cash. Terms and conditions do apply, one of which being that your referral needs to be able to find a position via our agency. We make it pay to talk about our business!

Hopefully now, you have a better understanding of why a recommendation is worth more than advertising! Word of mouth advertising is certainly a valuable asset to any company, and should be treated as such! If anything, this should encourage you to watch how you treat both your employees and customers in the future!

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