We care about our clients

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We care about our clients

Many recruitment firms see their industry as a numbers game. The more candidates and clients they can process, the better. 

However, this business model doesn’t serve you. High-quality business-employee pairings are rare, and clients often wind up with workers who are ill-equipped for their respective roles. 

Imperium Financial Recruitment takes a different tack. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise in financial services, insolvency, public practice, and accountancy, we’re in a unique position to make better job matches. When both clients and candidates are happy, everyone wins.

Unlike some other recruitment agencies, we understand precisely who businesses need to fill particular niche roles. Our deep knowledge means that we are able to make better matches. For workers, there are benefits for coming to us too. Our team quickly gets to grips with your resumé, finding opportunities for you in your search area. 

Our Services

Imperium Financial Recruitment offers recruitment services for the following industries: 

  • Finance (industry and commerce)
  • Insolvency recruitment
  • Public practice and firms of chartered accountants
  • Financial services
  • Human resources, legal, digital, marketing and other transactional services

We supply candidates of all types to the finance industry. Our team, for instance, can source call centre staff, as well as part-qualified employees able to do basic accounting. We also recruit for the senior financial level, helping firms source finance controllers, directors and qualified accountants. 

We are also one of the few recruitment agencies in the northwest specialising in insolvency recruitment. We supply corporate recovery partners, directors and other professionals, from senior management positions all the way to entry-level staff. 

Placing chartered accountants in firms is another important function we fulfil. We match tax, corporate finance, accounting and audit specialists to firms. 

Of course, our full list of recruitment services is too extensive to cover here. Therefore, the best way to find out more about what we can do for you is to contact a member of our team.

The Imperium Difference: How We Care For You

While there are many niche recruitment agencies out there, what really sets us apart is the level of service that we offer both candidates and clients. With more than fifty years of practice in the industry, we’re able to better match people to roles than anyone else in the region. 

Our approach is bespoke. That means we look at both candidates’ and clients’ needs. We don’t operate a box-ticking operation. Rather, we explore what both parties want before deciding on whether a particular candidate is suitable for a role. Our holistic approach covers all bases, from the unique talents that candidates offer to the culture that employers want to foster. 

Candidates, for instance, can benefit from: 

  • CV preparation assistance
  • Consultations on the type of role they want
  • Mock interview practice
  • Regular updates on new vacancies 
  • Advice on the current state of the job market

Clients on the other hand can look forward to: 

  • Agents who listen carefully to their needs, and understand them
  • Salary advice at all levels
  • Offer management services
  • Cost-effective recruitment practices, tailored to business needs
  • Long-term partnerships

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